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How We Protect Our Private Process Servers

Private process servers put themselves in potential danger every day. There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to be served. Often they know that it is coming, or at least have a suspicion because they know they have done wrong. But that doesn’t make them receptive to the process server. Here is how we keep our process servers safe.

Carrying Protection

Our private process servers are encouraged to carry personal protection such as pepper spray or mace when serving papers. This will allow them to defend themselves in the event that someone threatens their life or attacks them because they don’t want to be served.

Staying in Contact

Our private process servers stay in contact with the office before and after each service of process. This allows us to ensure that they have delivered the papers and are leaving the property safely. If we do not have contact from a process server for some time, we will take measures with law enforcement to ensure their safety.

Florida Law

Florida law also protects private process servers. The law states that it is a misdemeanor for anyone to threaten a private process server. It is also a felony to attack or injure a private process server. Process servers can always call law enforcement for backup, and they are usually quick to respond.

If you want a process server you can trust to get the job done, even in difficult or dangerous situations, contact us today for more information or to get started.