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More Reasons a Private Process Server Beats Out the Sheriff

Your court papers can be served to the other party in your case by either a sheriff or a private process server. You may realize that private process servers are often less expensive or the same price and that private process servers are dedicated only to serving papers, but there are several other very good reasons that private process servers are more effective than the sheriff when it comes to serving papers.

Technological Tools

A private process server has more technological tools at his disposal than the sheriff’s department. This is especially true in smaller communities. Often the sheriff’s department is working with a very strict and somewhat tight budget. They are not going to purchase technology for serving papers that will be used in only a few other ways. They simply cannot justify the cost. This means that private process servers have more tools at their disposal to find and serve your party.

Available More Hours

Sheriff’s departments have a lot of other duties in which they must attend, and their deputies work a set schedule. If the individual that needs to be served is only going to be found in a certain place at a certain time, there is no guarantee that the sheriff’s department will be able to accommodate you. On the other hand, private process servers can easily adjust their schedules to be available at the right place and time to get papers served accurately and in a timely manner.

Knowledge of the Law

While it is generally assumed that the sheriff and their deputies will know the law, the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of law they need to know. They also may not be keeping up with the constantly changing standards and regulations of process service. While few will contest a service of process done by a sheriff’s department, issues with how papers were served could hold up your court case. It is a good idea to use a private process server that is constantly aware of the best practices and regulations.

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