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Price, Quality, and Service: Can You Get All 3 From a Process Server?

Finding a good process server may seem like quite the chore. You don’t want to pick a process server off of a list given to you by the court without any information about the service. While Florida requires private process servers to be registered with the courts, there is no guarantee that the process server you pick off the list is going to provide the best price, quality service, and good customer service. Can you get all three from one process server? Absolutely.


Private process servers are often competitive in the industry, because they are not only competing with each other. They are also competing with the sheriff’s department, which handles many process service jobs for the courts. Some private process servers charge extremely low prices to draw people in, but do not provide the quality and service that other process servers might offer. It is important to choose a process server that is competitively priced, but the cheapest may not be the best option.


You want to have confidence in your private process server that your papers will be served according to the letter of the law. If your service is not handled appropriately, it could cause delays in your case, or even lead to dismissal of your case. It is important that your private process server has a good track record of getting papers served in an accurate and timely manner.


It seems in today’s society that good customer service is falling to the wayside. While this is the least important of the three components discussed, it is still something to consider. Good customer service includes treating both you and the person you are having served with the utmost respect and courtesy.

If you are looking for a good process server in Florida, contact us today for pricing and availability. We pride ourselves on offering the best in price, quality, and service for all our customers.