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Three Signs that You Have Found a Trustworthy Process Server

Having a trustworthy private process server is extremely important to the success of your legal case. An unethical process server can lead to gutter serves, or the papers being trashed with service faked. This can lead to your case being delayed or even being dismissed altogether. Here are three signs that you have found a trustworthy process server to handle your legal matter.

Walks You Through the Process

A trustworthy process server will be completely transparent about the process of serving your papers to the intended recipient. They will answer all of your questions and explain how they are going to find the individual if you don’t know where they can be found. They will also explain to you the methods that they will use to affect service. Every question you have should be answered truthfully and without dismissal.

Keeps You Updated

If your papers are not able to be served the first few tries, the private process server should keep you updated as to their progress. It is not unrealistic to assume that if your process server is not communicating with you they are probably not working on getting your papers served. This can sometimes happen when a litigant is not easily found, has moved, or is avoiding service. A trustworthy process server will keep you updated and informed throughout the process.

Shows Proof of Service

A trustworthy process server is completely transparent. They should be able to offer some proof of service, such as a signed copy or statement, a photo taken at the time of service, or GPS tracking that shows the time and date that they were at the litigant’s residence or place of business.

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