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Traits of a Good Process Server

Choosing a process server is an important decision. If you do not choose the right process server, it could delay your court case, whatever that might be. There are some traits that every good process server should have. Check for these things when you investigate process servers before making your final choice.


Your process server should have a lot of determination and a drive for success. If they are not determined to serve your papers, they may give up at the first obstacle. Process servers often have to make several attempts before papers can be successfully served. They may even have to track down the individual’s new residence or place of employment. Choose a process server willing to go the extra mile to successfully get your papers delivered.


Process servers should have a lot of technology at their disposal. A good process server knows how to run a skip trace to find individuals who do not want to be found. They also use GPS tools to find out of the locations where papers might be served. They should also be well versed in the use of internet and online tools that can help find people who need to be served.


There are specific rules and laws that guide how papers are served in various circumstances and types of cases. For example, the rules about serving divorce papers are different than the rules about eviction papers. It is important that your process server knows the laws and regulations about serving papers so there are no delays in your court case.

If you have an upcoming court case and need papers served, contact us today. Our process servers in Fort Myers are knowledgeable, determined, technically savvy, and driven to success. Contact us today for more information.