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All About Skip Tracing

If you need to track someone down to have papers served, you may have heard the term skip tracing. Skip tracing is quite simply the process of tracking people down, but the process itself is far from simple. The records combed in search of information about individuals and companies is a complex network of resources.

Skip tracing often becomes necessary when a party to a court case cannot be easily found. There could be several reasons that someone seemingly disappears. They might have moved and not signed up for mail forwarding service. Even if they moved within the same community, you might not be able to find them. People also frequently change jobs, which can make them difficult to find. Women who marry might even change their names.

Of course, most of these are basic life events that aren’t necessarily done to disappear from public view, but there are some people who will go to great lengths to avoid being found. These people will move and intentionally leave no forwarding address. They will use a post office box to avoid having a physical location on file, and they will attempt to disappear from public records.

When people are this determined to avoid the consequences of their actions, it can lead to some complex investigating. While private process servers have their own resources to track down individuals, in these extreme situations their tools may not be sufficient. Most private process servers and attorneys have a private investigator on retainer for these situations.

If you have papers that need to be served but you don’t know how to locate the individual, contact us today for more information or to get started.